Google Adwords Pay Per Click Management

We focus on Conversions

Looking for a Google Adwords management company that truly listens to its clients, converses and trains its clients, and constructs a unique strategy just for your business, then Media Connection is the starting point.

Media Connection can construct your Adwords campaign into a lead-generating vessel.

We begin by sitting down with you and constructing a strategic plan that is unique to your business. We don’t use templated programs or one-size-fits-all campaign strategies. We deliver a fresh perspective, implementing a online marketing strategic plan, where we review your situation from all directions.

What differentiates us from our competition is our in-depth knowledge of basic direct and internet marketing techniques. Our goal doesn’t stop with helping you get more leads; we want to help you increase conversions and increase revenue.

We help you with customer relationships to increase repeat business.

What sets Media Connection apart from all other PPC marketing agencies is we provide clients with a strategic plan that includes ppc management.

Media Connection integrates SEO organic techniques along with pay per click and Google Adwords.
Look at a sampling of our focus areas:

  • Google Adwords Campaign Management (pay per click)
  • Campaign Specific Landing Pages
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Website Conversion Tracking
  • Web Analytics
  • Content Writing for Ads, Landing Pages, and website
  • Customer List-Building and Management
  • Auto-Responder creation and content
  • Thank you pages with coupons and discounts
  • Social Networking PPC management

Pay Per Click Management

What you really want to do is make money and dominate your marketplace and your competition. If that’s the case then you are going to need more than just an Adwords expert.

You are going to need a company that knows and understands internet marketing – specifically, direct marketing on the internet. Everyone these days claims to be adwords consultants, while few really know the particulars of direct marketing on the internet and how that actually applies to an adword or any other search marketing campaign.

Are you tracking visits, unique visitors, keyword searches, and conversions? Have you defined the most important metrics that everyone needs to know? Did your Adwords management company sit down with you and do that?