Internet Advertising / Online Advertising / Web Advertising

There are many forms of internet advertising available. The basic kinds of internet advertising are pop-ups, e-mail advertisements, banner advertisements, endorsements from other websites, and social media.

Web Advertising Options:

  • Email Advertising
  • Paid Per Click Advertising
  • Banner Advertisement
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media

E-mails can be a source of information for past customers or customers that asked a question or inquiry.We have email strategies that can enhance an online marketing strategy.

Banner advertisements can be another way to attract customers. Remember that these web placements cost money but can be effective if place in front of the correct target audience. Programs like Google Adwords may increase hits to your website but you pay by the click.

Affiliate marketing, which relies on other people to help market your products, may be another way to increase your traffic. This is equivalent to the commercial model for advertising. Basically another person or website endorses your products and business and convinces customers to visit you. Much like a celebrity selling a product through a commercial, you are relying on endorsements from other websites. Just remember that many companies associated with affiliate marketing charge commission meaning they get a percentage of sales.

Last, consider social media for advertising. This can be something free like setting up a Facebook account where you communicate with existing customers. Or you can pay social networks like Facebook to advertise for you by placing ads on users’ homepages. Since people often have to accept Facebook’s scripts, it can be harder to block these advertisements.

Remember that not all forms of internet advertising are equal. More effective ads like affiliate marketing can be expensive but they are still worth considering. Remember to track advertising’s effect on your business and make educated decisions so that you know your money is being spent effectively.