Social Media Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing refers to activities initiated on social media web sites, like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, content discovery sites, social news site and forums with the goal to spread a message or content in the form of video, text, images, audio, widgets, virally through the social web to gain attention, visibility and traffic.

Media Connection offers social media marketing planning and consulting services that help businesses and organizations discover the audience they want to reach, gather insight and intelligence on what motivates them, and develops strategies and tactical plans to bring them closer to their brands, products or services.

The Social Media Marketing Plan is comprised of:

  • Description of the customer’s goals
  • Description of the customer’s objectives
  • Target audience analysis
  • Implementation plan
  • Specific goals, strategies, tactics
  • Key performance indicators to measure success and
  • Social media campaign management
  • Support Plans

The Social Media Marketing Plan will include the following sections:
Overall Goals and Objectives
Market Analysis

The Market Analysis section describes the customer’s target market (audience), target market trends, market characteristics and the social activities.

  • Target Market (Audiences)
  • Target Market Trends
  • Target Market Characteristics and Needs
  • Marketing Campaign Foundation
  • Social Media Technologies and Platforms
  • Creative Content Development
  • Cross-Channel Integration
  • Integration with Traditional Online Marketing
  • Social Media Campaign Management and Support
  • Resource Planning
  • Review Process and Delivery

The Social Media Marketing implementation plan will be developed by Advanced Media Productions’ experienced Internet marketing staff that has years of experience in traditional and emerging online marketing channels and web content development.

The entire plan development, delivery and review process is comprised of the following steps:

Review of the customer’s business goals and objectives
Intermediate review session(s) to gather input on the vision and direction of the project and to discuss the progress of the plan
Preparation and delivery of a written Social Media Marketing Plan
Follow-up session by phone or face-to-face to review the plan